Can someone else get insurance for my cars without me knowing?

If I have two vehicles registered to me, can someone else go and get insurance for those cars without me knowing? My soon-to-be ex-husband refuses to give up the tags (which are in my name) and he said he would just go get his own tags and insurance. But he is not named on the vehicle titles. Is that legal? Can he do that?

Oct 30, 2019 Flowery Branch, GA

Ross Martin

Oct 30, 2019

Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, you cannot stop someone insuring a vehicle, but there is a pretty big problem with what he is doing. If he insures a vehicle for physical damage coverage and wrecks it, the check would have to go to either the lien of the vehicle or to the titled owner. So if he isn't on the vehicle title, he is insuring it to only your benefit as he could never collect. 

I hope this info helps. Good luck. 

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