Can someone file a claim if it’s been 4 days and there are no pictures from the accident?

I rear ended someone 4 days ago and when we both looked at our vehicles we realized that there was no damage and that everything was fine, but we should swap insurance anyways. There were no pictures taken at this time. Now she is asking for money for a new bumper or she will go through my insurance. Can she do that? I have USAA and she has Geico.

Feb 22, 2018 Moore, Oklahoma

Ava Lynch

Feb 22, 2018

The statute of limitations for property damage claims in Oklahoma is 2 years. So, yes she can. It's vital after an accident to take pictures of the damage for situations like this. Your best bet might be to call your insurance company if you believe she's trying to make you pay for damages you did not cause. If she's just trying to get you to pay for the damages you caused, which she is within reason to as you were at fault, it might be best to pay for the damages out of pocket. In the state of Oklahoma, an at-fault accident raised nearly 40% in 2017. Consider that you will be rated (i.e., charged) for an accident up to 3 years. It's likely that the damage you caused is less than the damage of your premium increase. Again, however, if you feel she's is trying to make you pay for something you did not cause, contact your insurance company.

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