Can someone file a claim after I paid what the body shop quoted him?

I was backing out of a parking spot and I got a few feet out before I saw the vehicle. It hit my rear bumper, causing damage to it. My truck had no damage besides some paint on the bumper. We went to an auto body repair and they quoted him $500. I paid the man and he signed papers saying I paid him. Can he file a claim against me even though I already paid? Also, will this claim increase my insurance? I'm still a minor and the truck is titled in my grandpa's name and I am a household driver.

Nov 2, 2020 Waddell, AZ

Ross Martin

Nov 2, 2020

Sorry to hear about your situation. If you paid for all damages and signed off that the repairs were completed, I don't see how this person could legitimately file a claim against you. The other party would have to show that there was more to be paid that wasn't covered when you settled it. If the other party is trying to double collect, that would be considered fraudulent. You may want to contact a lawyer that specializes in claims to help you. 

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