Can someone with insurance cover damage caused by an uninsured driver?

If an uninsured 17 y/o owner of a vehicle rear-ends my car, can my ins co 'jump' to his other household member's ins pols for reciprocity?

Oct 29, 2018 Austin, TX

Ava Lynch

Oct 29, 2018

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The driver/owner of the vehicle is responsible for the damages. Now, if the driver that hit you is listed on another policy, then that policy would pay for the damages if found at fault. Also, if the vehicle is listed on another policy, that policy would pay for the damages. If the driver has no insurance at all, then they are responsible for all of the damages and will need to pay out of their own pocket for the repairs. This is a good reason to have uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage should cover the damages and it should be listed as a not-at-fault accident. If you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, then you may still be able to have your car repaired if you have collision coverage. If you use your collision coverage to repair the damage, your deductible will apply and the accident will most likely be reported on your claims history as an at-fault accident. Good luck.

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