Can my son use his pickup truck this summer to haul stuff for a fee?

My wife and I own the truck and insure it. Also, my son is 16 and lives with us. He may also run errands. Is he covered? Are my wife and I covered?

Jun 21, 2016 Clarksville, TN

Neil Richardson

Jun 21, 2016

Anyone listed as a driver on the policy will be covered to operate the vehicle for personal use. If a person lives with you, drives the vehicle on a regular basis, and isn't listed as a driver on the policy then they are definitely not covered to drive. However, neither you, your son, or your wife would technically be covered if the vehicle were being used to transport anything for a fee. This is considered a commercial risk even if the truck isn't being driven for a business entity. If your son happened to be involved in a crash while he was transporting items for a fee then your insurance company would deny the claim because of how the truck was being used. You would need a commercial auto policy to fully protect yourselves as drivers if the truck will be used this way.

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