Can I still file a claim if I was involved in an accident but the police were not called?

I was rear-ended in my parked car while sitting in parking lot and the other driver admitted fault. This was at night and damage appeared minimal so we did not call the police. I woke up today and saw that there was much more damage and that I probably need my entire back bumper replaced. Should I contact her insurance company? I'm afraid of repercussions even though I didn't cause this!

Dec 8, 2016 Snellville, GA

Neil Richardson

Dec 8, 2016

Accidents that occur in a parking lot do not require a police report since the incident did not happen on a public roadway. This situation sounds fairly cut and dry since it happened in a parking lot and the other driver admitted fault. The simplest solution would be to contact the insurance company of the other driver and begin the claims process. Waiting until the next day to file a claim should not hinder you in any way.

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