Can I still be on my parent's car insurance?

If I am renting an apartment can I still be on my parents car insurance? I am 22 years old and drive a vehicle that is registered under my parents name and their insurance with Allstate. I am looking into moving out and renting an apartment. This wouldn’t be a permanent address for me, maybe for just 1 year or so.

Jan 8, 2018 Morton, Pennsylvania

Ava Lynch

Jan 8, 2018

Insurance is zip-code specific so your policy needs to be rated for the zip-code you're living in - so, basically, you would need to get your own insurance. If your parents own the vehicle and it is registered to them, they would be listed under an "additional interest" in the policy as they own the vehicle. Because of your age, you might have some difficulty finding car insurance, so here is our guide to shopping for car insurance for 22-year-olds. If you do go ahead and get insurance, use our insurance calculator here to find insurance. Pro top: bundle your renters policy with your auto policy to save an average of 5%.

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