I can't find insurance with my son's driving record

My policy I said not being renewed due to my son's driving history. What company can I go with for coverage with a high-risk driver? My son had three accidents, one was his fault. He has three pip claims. State Farm is not reviewing my policy. I'm having an issue getting Ins. Can you advice me on what to do

Mar 7, 2018 Miami, Florida

Ava Lynch

Mar 7, 2018

There are a couple of things working against you here. Personal Injury Protection claims are considered high claim payouts by insurance companies and having multiple on your insurance record is a huge risk factor to insurance companies. Another thing to consider if your location. Miami and by extension Florida are expensive places to get insurance - regardless of driving record. Third, you have a young driver on your policy. Even if your son where to have a great driving record, drivers under the age of 25 present immense risk to insurance companies. Based on these factors, I recommend the following: 1. Consider dropping your son from your policy until they are no longer rated for an accident. 2. Have your son take a defensive driving course. 3. Look at non-standard insurance companies. Non-standard insurance companies are companies that write policies for high-risk drivers such as your son. 4. Visit our site here or call us at 833-768-7789 to find a quote.

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