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I can’t register my car without insurance but it’s not in my name

I’m buying a car, and I need insurance and the insurance company wants to know if the car is registered my name. What do I say? I’m finalizing and picking up the car on the 30th and we will do the title transfer then, but in NY I can’t register a car without insurance. Shoud I say the car is registered in my name because it will be by the 2nd when I want my insurance to start on the 1st?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

The only reason the insurance wants to know about registration is for claims purposes and to make sure there are no other undisclosed drivers. I’d tell the insurance that you plan on transferring it right away. Most companies I know of will have no problem insuring it if you plan on doing the title transfer within a few days. If your company for some reason has a complaint about that I’d seek out new insurance here.

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