If a car has full coverage under someone else's name, can I open another policy on that car under my name?

I drive a car that is owned and insured by someone else. However, I regularly drive the car and I am not listed on the owner's insurance policy. Am I also able to insure the car under my name while the owner insures it?

May 18, 2017 West Covina, CA

Neil Richardson

May 18, 2017

The simplest solution would be to request that the owner add you to the existing policy. Insuring the vehicle on two separate polices violates the insurance contract of the owner's policy. If there were to be a claim, only one policy is going to pay out; which can create an issue for the two companies insuring the car. And if either insurance company is notified that the vehicle is insured on 2 separate policies (the state in which the vehicle is registered could notify each insurer) the policies could both be set up for cancellation. I would recommend asking the owner to add you to the policy and pay them the difference in premium. An important side note: the vehicle must be garaged at the address that is listed on the policy.

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