Does car insurance cover car seats?

I was just recently in an accident where I was T-boned. Fortunately, my child was not in the vehicle with me and I did not have any injuries. However, my car was totaled along with the car seat. Can I get the seat replaced by filing a claim?

Jul 17, 2016 Lancaster, CA

Neil Richardson

Jul 17, 2016

If the other driver is considered At-Fault in the accident then the car seat should be factored into the total amount of damage caused by that driver. Assuming the total damage doesn't exceed the amount of coverage on that driver's policy then you should be compensated for the loss of the seat plus the other damage. If you happen to be At-Fault in the accident then coverage for the car seat will be up to your insurance company even if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. There could be stipulations concerning occupancy of the vehicle at the time of the loss and whether or not your deductible would apply. It would be best to consult your company to inquire about the specifics of how your policy treats the coverage of car seats. Best of luck!

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