Car insurance for caretaker driver

I take care of an elderly man, who no longer is capable of driving. I, as his official caretaker, transport him in a car owned by him. Can a policy be written for this kind of situation?

Jun 27, 2018 Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Taylor Covington

Jun 27, 2018

The person driving the car - you - will need to purchase the insurance. Then, add the owner of the car as an additional interest, meaning they have an financial investment in the car. Most companies will require anyone listed as additional interest to be also listed as an excluded driver. Being an excluded driver means they have access to the car but will not be driving it. Being excluded also means the excluded driver is not covered by the insurance policy if for any reason they drive the car. Since you have a very specialized occupation, you might be able to find a discount with your policy. Check out our guide to car insurance for nurses and caretakers.

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