Do all car insurance premiums increase every year?

I'm a 62 year old senior. I have AARP car and home insurance that has increased every year for the last four years. I'd like to have insurance that doesn't increase. I know it's going to happen again this year. It expires July 2018.

Jun 23, 2018 Washington DC

Ava Lynch

Jun 23, 2018

Unfortunately, car insurance is reflective of both you and the surrounding environment. Meaning, the increase value of vehicles, rise in claims and cost of claims, and medical costs can all make insurance premiums increase. Insurance companies use the previous years historical data as well as their loss/gain ratio to determine the rates for next year. Like any business, they need to stay proactive and profitable. Another thing to think about is your age. According to our State of Insurance research, 60-year-olds pay slightly more than more than 50-year-olds - about $30 a year. While there's a lot of reasons why your car insurance rate will increase every year, the best way to combat it is to shop around and compare with other companies. You can use our comparison app here to see if you can get a more competitive rate elsewhere. For more information on why your rate might of changed, see our additional articles hereWhy did my rate increase?What goes into my car insurance quote

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