My car was totaled after the superbowl celebrations

I live in downtown Phili and my car was totaled after the superbowl b/c of the celebrations. I have full coverage or whatever but I'm not really sure what to do about my insurance. I don't want my rate to increase because drunk people totaled it.

Feb 4, 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ava Lynch

Feb 4, 2018

If you have "full coverage," which really can mean anything because it's not an insurance industry term, you might have coverage. Through your comprehensive coverage, you should be able to find coverage against riots and civil commotion. You will need to pay for the deductible for the coverage, unfortunately. In terms of your rate increasing, I wouldn't expect it to rise because of this type of claim. Because comprehensive claims are typically caused by things that are out of your hands, insurance companies shouldn't hold you finally responsible for them. This isn't true for collision claims, however. If they do raise your rate because of this claim, you should consider another insurance company. You can shop other rates here.

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