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Driving History

How to get insurance with a bad driving record?

Given the extensive list of violations on her driving record, she would probably find the best result by contacting a local agent in her area. Local agents that represent multiple insurance companies should be able to place her with a provider that will accept the amount of her violations and offer coverage.

Driving History

How do I get my insurance company to stop charging me for a ticket that was expunged from my record?

If you are being charged for a ticket that has already been removed from your record, you may be required to show proof to your insurance company that the ticket has been dropped. If the ticket has been dropped and your insurance company will not lower your rate, you should consider shopping with a new insurance company.

Driving History

Will my insurance company drop me if I just had my third accident?

Since each insurance company has their own underwriting requirements, they would be the only ones who could tell you if your policy will be non-renewed due to your accidents. As for eligibility with other companies, unfortunately the answer is also the same.

Driving History

Can a ticket older than 3 years still hurt your rate?

Once the ticket passes 3 years, then your insurance company should no longer be charging you for the incident. If that specific ticket is why you're being charged a higher rate, then I would recommend shopping around for a company that will accurately price your coverage.

Driving History

Is there any way to keep a claim off of my friend's record?

You could always claim the accident as if you were driving but I highly recommend that you avoid lying to your insurance company. If you file a claim, they are going to want to know what happened so there won't be any way to avoid involving your friend other than being dishonest.

Driving History

What can I do if a ticket is listed on my driving record but I was never issued a ticket?

Your best bet would be to request a copy of your driving record from the DMV and see what is listed. If you see something that is not supposed to be on there you may be able to dispute the ticket with the courts.

Driving History

Should I file a claim with my insurance if the other driver was entirely at fault?

You can file a claim with your insurance company, but you may have to pay your deductible up front. Then your company will reimburse your deductible after they have completed subrogation with other driver's insurance company.

Driving History

How will my insurance be affected by multiple tickets and an accident?

The simple answer is that you can expect to see an increase to your rate. Every ticket or accident you have within a three year period is likely to cause higher rates; the more you have, the higher the rate you can expect to pay.

Driving History

Will my rate go up if I got a parking ticket in Georgia?

A parking ticket should not have any impact on your rate; whether or not you're in the state of Georgia. You will want to make sure to pay the fine, however, because unpaid parking tickets could possibly lead to a license suspension.

Driving History

If I have six accidents on my record, how can I lower my rate?

Unfortunately, you might have to wait until those incidents pass three year before you can get an affordable policy. 6 accidents will definitely cause your rate to be extremely high so waiting may be your only option at this point.
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