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Will my FICO points drop when I get a quote for car insurance?

Fortunately, most insurance companies use only use "soft inquiries" and do not look at a full credit report. There is a statistical correlation between your credit score and how likely you are to file a claim.
Jun 27, 2018 Salt Lake City, UT

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Will Geico pay for a cracked windshield?

It really depends on the coverage you have on your policy. For most policies that include comprehensive coverage, windshield repair is generally covered.
Mar 23, 2017 Decatur, TX

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What is a letter of acceptance?

While your old insurance card will show your most recent policy term, a letter of experience will provide your new insurance company with additional details from your old policy. This is usually because your new company is providing a hefty discount for the fact that you were maintaining insurance coverage prior to the start of your new policy.
Mar 16, 2017 Burnet, TX

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What should I do if I cancelled my insurance policy but the company drafted money out of my account afterward?

While I can't say with a certainty, it sounds like you were set up for EFT (auto-draft) payments with Allstate so you didn't have to worry about calling in or mailing a payment. Unfortunately with EFT options, it may not be possible to stop a scheduled payment draft depending on when the payment is set to be withdrawn.
Mar 15, 2017 Detroit, MI

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Can Esurance deny a refund if I forgot to cancel my policy when I switched to a new company?

This sounds like an company issue and not a state law. Insurance companies in Illinois are legally required to issue refunds for "unearned premium", but you didn't prepay your bill.
Mar 9, 2017 Addison, IL

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Do car insurance companies share information?

The new insurance company is likely to find out about the accident, but that will come from your driving reports when you buy your policy. The majority of insurance companies request a motor vehicle report (MVR) and a comprehensive loss underwriting exchange (CLUE) report to verify the accuracy of a new customer's driving record.
Jun 30, 2016 Findlay, OH

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Can I buy auto insurance through The Zebra completely online?

Yes, many of the insurance companies allow you to purchase and bind your policy entirely through their online experience. The purchasing process typically happens after you compare and make a selection on
Jun 27, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

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Are all car insurance policies the same?

This is a great question! There can be huge differences between what is offered by one company or another. Not all policies are created equal even if the coverage amounts are the same.
Jun 23, 2016 New York, NY

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Does The Zebra offer quotes in every state?

Our website is live in all 50 states and designed to help shoppers save time by showing multiple options regardless of state to point them to their best option. We also have an in-house agency that is live in 9 states and we are constantly expanding our footprint to provide more options for people in more states.
May 5, 2016 Baton Rouge, LA

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How do insurance companies make money?

Auto insurance companies bring in money from new and existing customers and that money goes into a pool to cover claims that may be filed by their customers. These companies determine how much money they need in the pool at any point in time based on the number of customers they have to make sure they are able to cover any claims that arise.
Apr 23, 2016 Ithaca, NY
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