I caused an accident but never touched another vehicle with my car

I was in my truck and I was at fault for an accident that caused another car to run off-road and wreck. How does this work with insurance? Do I have to pay my deductible?

Dec 18, 2018 Atlanta, GA

Ava Lynch

Dec 18, 2018

You will most likely be considered at fault for the accident. Because you are not filing any sort of collision claim, as there was no damage to your vehicle, there is no deductible. This type of accident will fall under your property damage liability coverage. This type of accident will affect your rates. On average, an at-fault accident in Georgia raised rates an average of $818 per year. Most insurance companies will charge you for 3 years for any violation. Meaning, that $818 increase will actually result in a premium increase of $3,842. Make sure you shop around for car insurance after your accident and feel free to use our guides below if you have more questions.


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