If my children are moving back into my home temporarily, do I need to add them to my homeowners insurance?

My wife and I own and insure our home. Recently my son and his wife's home burnt down, causing them to move into our home on a temporary basis. It should only be for 5 months or so while their home is rebuilt, but I'm wondering if I should contact my insurance company and add them to my policy. Is that necessary?

Mar 20, 2017 Camden, TN

Neil Richardson

Mar 20, 2017

Assuming that your son and daughter-in-law maintain a homeowners insurance policy of their own, it would not be necessary for you to add them to your policy. Their personal property and liability will still be covered by their home insurance provider while they are staying with your temporarily. In fact, their policy should be covering "loss of use" while their home is being repaired so you may even be able to receive compensation for allowing them to stay with you.

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