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Should I choose a company that is cheaper for my auto insurance or my home?

I’m shopping for my home and auto insurance. I got competitive quotes from Travelers and State Farm. Which company is better to go with? Travelers is a bit cheaper for home, State Farm is cheaper for auto. Any advice on which company I should go with?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

There’s a couple of things to think about. While price is important, I would make sure you have equal coverage for your home and your auto from both Travelers and State Farm. If so, I would next look at customer service reports, complaints, and claims services. The next aspect I would think of is how you pay for your home insurance. If you pay via your escrow, that is something else to consider. Also, your car insurance premium is more likely to change policy period to policy period than your home is. In this sense, it can make more sense to go with the company that has a cheaper car insurance quote. However, this decision will be up to you.

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