Is this a collision of uninsured motorist claim?

Our car appears to had been vandalized or hit from behind sometime last night. The back driver side brake light was cracked, and the bumper has a long, deep scratch or scuff like someone hit it. We haven't called the police yet and not sure what good that would do at this point. I have uninsured motorist property damage coverage and collision but I don't know which one it would be. Any insight?

Feb 27, 2018 El Paso, Texas

Ava Lynch

Feb 27, 2018

Uninsured motorist property damage coverage and collision coverage are designed to do similar things - add physical protection to your vehicle. The tricky thing is how these claims would affect your rate. Collision claims are generally considered to be at-fault accidents. By the definition for your uninsured motorist property damage coverage, you're not at fault - however, your insurance company may still increase your rates as they had to take financial responsibility rather than the other insurance company. However, this can vary. Since you already have both of these coverages, I recommend filing an uninsured motorist property damage claim. This will come with a deductible but so does your collision coverage. If your rate is increased after your renewal, feel free to compare rates elsewhere. You can compare rates here.

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