Does my comprehensive claim affect my car insurance?

I scraped the bottom side of my car while driving out of an ATM. Now a chunk of the bottom side of the car is missing. Should I submit a claim even if my last non-collision claim was September 2017?

Apr 13, 2018 Columbus, Ohio

Ava Lynch

Apr 13, 2018

This type of claim would actually be considered a collision claim. Although to answer your original question, a comprehensive claim wouldn't have as much of an effect on your premium as a collision claim would. A comprehensive claim, because of what it covers, is typically considered outside the control of the driver. A collision claim for your state is nearly 48%. Any type of violation or claim will stay on your insurance record. I would recommend getting a quote for the repairs prior to deciding to file a claim. If the value of your premium increase is less than the repairs, file a claim.

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