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Comprehensive coverage cover damage to paint

We washed our vehicle over the weekend and something we used either took the paint off or the little soft scratch pad we used took the paint. It is a 2013 Chevy equinox and it had 0 body damage or paint damage. We have no idea what or how this happened.. would our car insurance cover this if we make a claim?? we carry full coverage. will need a complete body paint job I think. our insurance is carried through State Farm.

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Ava Lynch

Unfortunately, your insurance would not cover this type of damage. collision and comprehensive coveragee are considered the “full coverage” portion of your policy. Collision coverage will cover damage to your vehicle when colliding with another car or object. Comprehensive coverage will cover events such as, weather related events, fire, theft, vandalism. An occurrence, such as yours, is not covered under either of those categories. If you think it was a product you used, you can always look at taking legal action. You can also find more information about insurance from our “Insurance 101” page. It helps answer many general questions about car insurance because it is definitely a complicated product. Good luck.

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