Why am I considered at fault for a rear end accident?

I was in a "turn only" lane and the person in front of me suddenly slammed on their brakes when they were turning because of a bird in the road. It's not my fault that the bird was in the road and person in front of me wouldn't have had any damage had they just hit the bird and kept driving. Why am I at fault when this person didn't have to stop?

Apr 14, 2016 Plainfield, NJ

Neil Richardson

Apr 14, 2016

In the majority of cases, hitting a vehicle from behind will be considered an "At Fault" accident. The reason is because insurance companies expect their customers to leave a safe amount of space between the front of their vehicle and the back of the driver in front. If the person in front unexpectedly slams on their brakes then an accident can be avoided if the driver behind has kept a sufficient driving distance. Because of this expectation, your insurance company will normally consider you to be at fault in this type of incident.

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