Does my dad have to file a claim if I totaled his car?

I got into a wreck driving my father's car and we think the car is totaled. However, my father will not file an insurance claim. Two other cars need to be fixed as well. They were parked when I hit them. I was driving. We want to get rid of the car and my dad just wants it to be finished. We have full coverage. I want him to be compensated and to have me dropped from the policy because it was my fault. Does my dad need to file a claim to get help?  

May 13, 2019 Dallas, GA

Ross Martin

May 13, 2019

Yes. Your father will need to file an insurance claim unless he plans to pay out of pocket for the damages to the other vehicles and not be compensated for his vehicle. Filing a claim is the only way to be compensated by insurance.
Keep in mind that the accident can impact both yours and your father's insurance rates going forward for up to five years. It will impact your father's rates because his insurance policy will be the one paying the claim. It will impact you because you were the driver. Below you'll find more information about filing claims.
Good luck and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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