If my dad purchased a car and put me on the insurance policy, can that be revoked when he dies?

My dad purchased a car and added me to the car insurance policy since I was his sole caregiver and drove him to appointments. He made it clear the car was to go to me in the event of his death. The insurance premium is paid up until July. Am I automatically taken off the insurance in the event of his death? Not in his will, my name was just written on the paperwork, and his sister and nephew were also told the car was to be given to me in the event of his death.

Jan 12, 2021 Tipton, IN

Renata Balasco

Jan 12, 2021

If your dad were to pass during a term that was paid for, you would not be removed. The insurance plan would end at the expiration date and you would then need to find yourself a new plan. Plug in your zip code to The Zebra’s quote tool to compare rates, or speak to a licensed agent at 1-888-444-8949.

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