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What should I do if I damaged an old car and don’t want the insurance company to total the vehicle?

My son’s friend left his vehicle parked at my house while he was on vacation. I drove it to the grocery store and hit another car. My concern is that if I file a claim on his car that the insurance company will total it since it’s a 1991 Infiniti. What can I do? The repair estimate is $1,500, which is more than the value of the car, and my deductible is $1,000.

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

You are right to be concerned about the car being totaled if you file an insurance claim, so if you can afford to pay for the repairs out of pocket then I would recommend doing that. If you were to file a claim, the car’s owner might have the option to purchase is back from the insurance company but that could easily be avoided by simply covering the repairs yourself.

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