If my daughter is uninsured and gets rear-ended by another driver, will their insurance cover her damage?

My daughter is listed as a driver on my policy but she just recently got the car and I haven't had a chance to add it yet. Now, someone ran into back of her! She's not at fault in the accident, but also has no coverage on her vehicle. What can she do?

Jan 22, 2017 Houston, TX

Neil Richardson

Jan 22, 2017

In most instances of rear-end accidents, the driver who was hit is normally considered to be not at fault so I'd recommend that your daughter contact the insurance company of the other driver to start the claims process. In Texas, your insurance status (or lack thereof) should not keep you from being compensated if you are hit by an at-fault driver. And depending on how long it's been since she has had the car in her possession, your insurance company may actually cover her car if she is listed on your policy and only recently got the vehicle. I would start with the other driver's insurance first and see where that takes you.

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