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I didn’t tell my insurance company I was ridesharing and got into an accident

I have full coverage on my car, on side I do ride share(Uber, Lyft) while I’m not working. I got in accident and lie to insurance company. I told insurance agent that I had person in my car and his friend of mine. Insurance agent contact that person and told I don’t know this guy and I was using as a Uber. I told insurance company that person is lying. How would it effects me as a driver for lying about ride-sharing to my insurance company. What kind of problem am I looking to face it?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

If you do not have a rideshare endorsement on your policy, they might deny the claim. Insurance companies like to know all the risks they could potentially be exposed to and ridesharing presents a big one. Although you probably won’t face any additional penalties for lying, they probably won’t cover the claim.

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