What is the difference between Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection?

I would like to know which coverage is a better fit for my needs. I need to know what the difference is between Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection. Which one do you recommend?

Jun 5, 2016 Longview, TX

Neil Richardson

Jun 5, 2016

Great question! While there are similarities between Medical Payments coverage and Personal Injury Protection (PIP), they are not the same. PIP will provide coverage for injuries suffered by you and any passengers in your vehicle, regardless of fault, up to the limit that you purchased. Unlike Medical Payments coverage, however, PIP will normally provide coverage for lost wages and additional expenses outside of medical bills. These additional items that are normally covered under PIP and not Medical Payments coverage are:

  • Rehabilitation expense
  • Substitute services (laundry, maid service, and even meals if you aren't able to perform household duties while you're injured)
  • Funeral expense

This isn't an exhaustive list and normally varies by company and state so it is important to inquire with your specific insurance provider as to the details about their specific offering of these two coverages.

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