Do I have to disclose a claim on quotes that was handled under another party's insurance?

Another party hit our car in a parking lot. We filed a claim with our insurance, they opened a claim with the offending party's insurance and then closed ours since we pursued the claim through the other party's insurance. Since the other party took fault and paid, do we have to disclose this claim when getting new quotes?

Jul 11, 2021 Georgetown, TX

Renata Balasco

Jul 11, 2021

If the other party handled this claim on their insurance because you were not at fault, the claim should not affect your insurance rates or quotes going forward. If you decide to proceed with an application and do not disclose this claim, the insurance company’s underwriting department may find this regardless of whether you told them or not. You may disclose it on quotes just to be thorough, but it should not affect the rate of the quote since you were not at fault. 

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