Do I have a legitimate loss of use claim?

In early March, we found a new home to move into and signed a lease that begins June 1st. This week I purchased renters insurance intended for the new house, but the policy is listed as my current address until we move in to the new place. Last night, we came home and the upstairs bathroom had sprung a leak, the floor is soft and the floor tiles are busted and cracked. The downstairs bathroom underneath has a hole in the ceiling and there is clear water damage. Should our insurance cover a hotel stay while it's being repaired or until our new lease starts, whichever comes first?

Dec 21, 2020 Rolla, MO

Renata Balasco

Dec 21, 2020

Loss of use clauses in renters policies typically cover up to $1,000. It is best to contact your renters insurance company to see how much they cover for loss of use as specified in your policy. It is all dependent on the level of coverage you have for loss of use, so the insurance company will likely determine how to cover you based on that number. 

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