Do I have to pay the deductible for the damages I caused while driving uninsured?

I was uninsured at the time of an accident. A quick stop led me to rear-end the person in front of me (no injuries occurred).

They have a deductible and insurance will pay for the rest of the damages at this time. Am I (at the time of the accident uninsured) responsible for their deductible bill and what their insurance is paying for the repairs?

Mar 9, 2020 Thornton, CO

Ross Martin

Mar 9, 2020

Sorry to hear about the accident. You are not responsible for their deductible, but you are responsible for all damages caused. Their insurance company will fix the vehicle for them. However, because you were uninsured, they will likely sue you for the damages caused to get their money back. If possible, you may want to hire help or talk to the other person about paying out of pocket. 

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