Do I need liability car insurance at the time of an accident?

I am a teen under my mother's umbrella policy and liability insurance, but I'm not covered on my father's car. I'd like to know if my father would be reprimanded if I got into an accident without insurance tied to my name on his car.

Nov 3, 2019 Sacramento, CA

Ross Martin

Nov 3, 2019

Coverage offered to unlisted drivers varies from policy to policy. You would have to check with the vehicle owner's insurance policy. Typically, if you are not a household member and borrow a car for a day or so you are good under permissive use, but if you are frequently using it then you need to get listed on the plan. 

Put simply, you definitely need to be insured at the time of an accident, so check with your father to see the specifics of his policy. 

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