The driver who's car I hit won't return my calls

What is my responsibility for having hit a park car when I am moving out of the country? I scraped a parked car about two months ago and left a note. At the time the other driver contacted me and I gave them my insurance info but asked for an estimate before reporting it to insurance. The other driver agreed but did not give me her info. I have now asked twice for her info, but she still hasn't given me even her name. I had not reported it to insurance at the time thinking I'd decide after I saw the price whether to file a claim. The issue is in two more months I'm moving out of the country, and and as part of that will be cancelling my current auto insurance and changing my number. Given that, what is my responsibility to this other driver given that it's been two months and she can't even be bothered to tell me her name?

Jun 7, 2018 Alexandria, VA

Ava Lynch

Jun 7, 2018

It would fall on the other party to file the claim. It sounds like you have done everything you can to make sure they could have resolved this. I would leave your new phone number and contact information with them as a backup. People can file a claim years after an accident so they may just be taking their time to get around to it. Canceling your plan will have no effect on their ability to file a claim as long as the policy was active on the date of loss. For you state, they have 5 years to file a property damage claim. I would make sure you keep all details of the accident, including any conversations and pictures to ensure you're going to be filing a claim for the damage you actually caused. Best of luck!

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