Should I drop my 25yo son from insurance?

My 25-year-old son totaled one of our vehicles. If we drop him off our ins can we reduce/save major premium increase? Should we get new ins company w/o him? He is also moving out. My next question is what is the surcharge for an accident with Amica - is that public record?

Jul 31, 2018 Denver, CO

Ava Lynch

Jul 31, 2018

To answer your first question, will removing your son from the policy help decrease your premium, it depends. Some companies are going to charge you because the claim was made on your policy so your rates can still be impacted at renewal, even if you take your son off the policy. Other companies will only charge you if the driver is still listed on the policy. If your insurance company keeps the accident on your record after you remove him, consider that a good opportunity to shop around for car insurance quotes. As for your second question, you would have better luck contacting Amica directly. The amount they will charge for an at-fault accident will vary considerably. Broken down below, however, you can see what an at-fault accident would cost you in the US.  

Year After Accident Average Annual Premium
0 - No Accident $1,427
1 Year Later $2,009
2 Years Later $2,591
3 Years Later $3,173

We have it broken down into 3 years because that is how long you will typically be charged for an at-fault accident. This is for one individual with one vehicle and one at-fault accident.

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