A drunk person fell on my car, am I covered?

My cars back windshield was smashed by a student with his head at my university while he was drunk. The cars back hood was scratched. In addition, the headliner on the car was damaged. The car was put in an open covered garage for 3 and a half days. The parents of the student did not want to go through insurance, but rather pay out of pocket. the Car is a 2011 Subaru legacy, and the insurance policy on my end does not cover glass, and it has minimal coverage. What should I do? Will my insurance go after the student's insurance even though he was not driving a car? Or should I just let them cover the costs of the damages?

Apr 30, 2018 Bristol, RI

Ava Lynch

Apr 30, 2018

The decision will really be up to you. If they want to pay out of pocket I would take it to a shop you want and trust and get the estimate. If they want to pay it that's great. If they are unwilling to do that, then you can involve insurance companies. If they refuse to give you their information, you can contact your insurance company. They might recommend filling a police report. Although the damage wouldn't be covered through their car insurance, it would be handled through their homeowners or liability coverage. Your last resort would be to use your uninsured motorist property damage coverage. While this comes with deductible, your insurance company might reimburse you for it and go after the at-fault party. Best of luck.

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