If I file 2 claims in less than 2 years, will my insurance think it is fraud?

Last year, I filed a claim after I had some jewelry stolen. I changed companies after that and specifically insured some of my more expensive jewelry. Recently, I lost a diamond bracelet - one I had specifically insured. I am worried about making a claim for a couple different reasons. I had one similar not too long ago, and also I feel like I was bit negligent in losing it. Will the insurance company think I am making a fraudulent claim? Will they cover it if I lost it due to my own negligence? What happens if I find it after the fact?

May 19, 2018 Grass Valley, CA

Ava Lynch

May 19, 2018

It depends on that specific writings of your policy. What you're talking about, "specifically insured jewelry" is referred to as a scheduled item. If your scheduled jewelry is covered for "mysterious disappearance" then you should be covered for this incident. In terms of your insurance company thinking it was fraud, I can't answer that. It's in the claims department's nature to be investigate any claim but that doesn't mean they will assume you are being fraudulent. I recommend being straightforward with them. Best of luck.

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