Should a file a claim if I hit a fixed object and damage us $1000 or less?

My daughter and son-in-law built a new home about one year ago. The garage door is one piece for a two door garage. It us a very cheap builders garage door...all aluminum. Last night I accidentally ran into it. My foot slipped off brake and hit gas pedal. I have no accidents on my insurance. Should I file a claim or pay out of pocket?

May 8, 2018 Lebanon, OH

Ava Lynch

May 8, 2018

An at-fault accident in Ohio raised rates an average of 48% in 2017 according to our State of Insurance. Now, that increase will stay on your insurance record for 3 years - meaning, you will continue to be charged for 3 years. If you were to file a claim and have a standard $500 deductible, you only receive $500 in payout if the damage is around $1000. It's very likely the premium increase you would receive over 3 years is greater than the $500 payout. Because of this, I would recommend paying for the damage out of pocket. However, the choice is up to you. Best of luck.

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