Should I file a claim after a rate increase

I was afraid to file a claim after I crashed my truck into a fence but I recently got a rate increase from my insurance company anyway. It's already at $400/monthly so I figured how much more could they raise it? This happened two months ago.

May 18, 2018 Stuart, FL

Ava Lynch

May 18, 2018

Although the statute of limitations for claims in Florida is 4 years, you should still be careful with the additional rate increase you would probably receive. In Florida in 2020, an at-fault accident (which this would be considered) raised rates an average of 34% according to our State of Insurance data. So, I would recommend getting an estimate for the claim prior to speaking with your insurance company. This way you can see if the value of the damage is worth the additional rate increase you would receive. Bear in mind, for any at-fault accident you would be rated (i.e., charged) for 3 years. Meaning, that 34% will be on your insurance premium for 3 years. If you're looking for a more affordable and competitive rate, see our comparison tool. Good luck and if you have more questions, be sure to ask.  

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