If my fuel pumped was damaged by sitting at the auto body shop for too long, can I file a claim against their insurance?

My Chevy SS Trailblazer was in the shop for three months. I moved to another shop for the repair since it was taking so long, and come to find out, the car wouldn't start because the fuel pump was messed up. I was told by the mechanic that it was sitting too long and that's why the pump is damaged. When I called the owner of the previous body shop about my fuel pump, she said she would pay for a replacement. After the pump came in and the new shop installed it, the lady refused to pay for the repair. Now I'm stuck with the bill and I don't think it's right since she originally agreed to pay for it. Can I file a claim against the business's insurance?

Apr 16, 2017 Chicago, IL

Neil Richardson

Apr 16, 2017

Your best bet in this situation would be to contact your insurance provider and/or an attorney. Your insurance company is unlikely to cover the damage, but they may have suggestions on how to proceed forward with filing a claim through the owner's insurance policy. If that doesn't lead to positive results then, unfortunately, your only other option would be to contact an attorney or take the business owner to small claims court. You may find that the cost of the repair is much lower than litigation costs, so it may be worth while to just pay for the pump and move on.

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