I gave someone the wrong insurance information after an accident

The day before yesterday I scratched a parked vehicle while parking. I waited until driver came our of the store to let him know. He informed me that the vehicle was not his but a friends. I accidentally gave him a travel insurance which was still valid but I was no longer out of town when I hit it. I believe this claim goes through my regular auto insurance and not the travel. However, I failed to take pictures of vehicle. I keep calling driver but he will not answer my calls and it seems that he has already contacted travel insurance.

May 9, 2018 Austin, TX

Ava Lynch

May 9, 2018

Travel insurance is really only designed to reimburse you the unused value of your trip plus pays the cost of one-way airfare up to the plan's limit. So, that wouldn't apply in a car accident. I would keep trying to call the other driver, it's possible they just haven't gotten around to filing a claim yet or are busy with other things. If there is an urgency for them to get their vehicle repaired, you will definitely hear from them.

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