How do I get my daughter's accidents off of my record so they don't impact my rate?

I have had 3 accidents and my daughter has had 2 all within the last 3 years. Her bad driving record is causing my rate to be extremely high and when I shop around with other companies many will not even offer me coverage.

Jul 23, 2017 Moberly, MO

Neil Richardson

Jul 23, 2017

You would need to get a separate policy that does not include your daughter for her previous claims to no longer impact your rate. However, if you are the one who filed the claims for her accidents then those are likely on your record rather than hers. Your best bet would be to request a CLUE report to see exactly what claims are on your record. If there are any listed on your report that are not supposed to be there then you can dispute them with the vendor of the report. You can request 1 free report each year just like your credit report so it should cost you nothing to check your record.

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