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Should I get full coverage from a less well-known insurer?

I recently wrecked my car, my fault, with only liability. I need to replace it and the collision place that totaled mine out told me to get cheaper full coverage from a cheap company like Safe Auto because if I get in a crash they will deal with the insurance and it will all be the same to me. That sounded good, but what if there is injury involved for me, the other driver or their passengers? Will I have a harder time getting our medical expenses taken care of if I’m not with a “reputable” mainstream provider.

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Ava Lynch
Whether or not the company is a “mainstream” provider doesn’t mean that you would have a bad claims experience. There are several companies out there that have been around for several years and just don’t advertise like other companies. With that said, there are some companies that have provided bad claims experiences. Whether you go with a mainstream company or a lesser known company, you want to research any company that you are going to start a policy with Look at their customer satisfaction rating, financial stability, and anything else that you are looking for in an insurance provider. We can quote you with several companies at once at The Zebra. You can also give us a call at 833-768-7789.

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