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How do we get insurance rate down after dropping bad driver from policy?

Our 18 year old is moving out of state and not allowed to take our car. He’s on his own – we’ve had enough! He had an accident 2 years ago while driver another persons car. He had some alcohol in his system (zero tolerance under age) and was cited for the accident. We are trying to get our auto insurance back to normal since we are both good drivers. What does it take to get fair pricing for us as parents now that he has moved out?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Simply dropping him from most policies should be sufficient to lower your rate. For most companies, the change in premium is immediate after you’ve added/removed a driver or vehicle. They might require you to show proof of your son’s new insurance or the fact that he’s living outside of the listed residence, but that isn’t standard across all companies. Best of luck!

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