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How do I get insurance on a vehicle I plan to finance?

So there’s a buy here pay here in my area and they want proof of full coverage to buy, proof of ID, proof of work, and the downpayment. This is in NC. I have never purchased a vehicle so how would I possibly go about insuring a vehicle I plan on purchasing so that I have proof of insurance to both purchase the vehicle and show my local DMV?

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Kristine Lee

Generally, you need to shop for car insurance before financing the car. No matter where you purchase a vehicle, dealerships and buy here pay here car lots will not let you drive off the lot without providing proof of insurance first. You can compare quotes from multiple companies, save the quote ID number, and then purchase the policy number while you’re at the dealership finalizing your vehicle purchase. Most insurance companies will then email you your policy ID instantly.

The Zebra can quote you with several companies at once. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. For more information, see our additional resources below.

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