Could I get a lower rate on my car insurance by making my significant other the primary driver on the policy?

I am currently the primary driver on our policy and he is listed as an additional driver. My vehicle is the only one on the policy and we share it, however, he is not listed on the title of the car. Does that matter? Could we get a lower rate?

Jun 26, 2016 Clearwater, FL

Neil Richardson

Jun 26, 2016

While there is no guarantee that buying a policy in your partner's name with you as an additional driver would be any lower than your current rate, it is possible. Since credit is a fairly important factor when pricing car insurance, making your partner the primary driver could lower the rate if their credit is significantly better than yours. There are certain companies that might have an issue with your partner being primary on the policy but not being listed on the title of the vehicle, however, this issue is usually moot since you will also be included as a driver on the policy. You can always get a quote for that scenario, but I would implore you to check the acceptability of having your partner as primary before you purchase the policy.

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