Getting car insurance without a social security number

My friend from England need insurance. How can she get insurance without a US license and no SSN?

Jun 2, 2018 Bishop, CA

Ava Lynch

Jun 2, 2018

Not all insurance companies require you to have an SSN when shopping for car insurance. The tricky aspect has to do with not having a drivers license. While some companies will insure a driver with a foreign license, they might charge more for the perceived risk your friend presents. Her best bet is shopping for car insurance with as many companies as possible. Within The Zebra, we have many companies that can get her insurance on her own in-house. Give us a call with her info to 888-444-8949 and hit option 1 to speak to an agent. They will be able to get you an accurate quote and can even setup the insurance. For more information, see our article on car insurance for foreign drivers..

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