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Getting insurance for my RV with a foreign license

I’m French and touring the Americas with my French RV van. I entered the US but cannot find an insurer for my vehicle. Every time they ask, they’re requiring a permanent address in the US, which I don’t have. I have some friends in Michigan and another state that offered to let me use theirs. So far, Progressive won’t insure me and Thum is too expensive at $3200 a year.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

For any policy, car or RV, you will need a permanent address. However, I wouldn’t recommend using an address in Michigan. Because of Michigan’s DMV laws, they are the most expensive state in the nation to get auto insurance from. Although RV and auto insurance are completely separate, this could be why you’re getting such a high rate. I would also recommend companies like Foremost, who specialize in RV and mobile home insurance. Best of luck.

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