Should we go through our insurance to fix my brothers car?

We still are on the same policy with our mother and we went on a road trip using his car, somehow the car got turned off while going 70 on the highway. I was driving at the time and it was pitch black out, all off his lights turned off, and upon breaking we slid and ended up grazing a guard rail. No other cars were involved and there was only damage to his vehicle, nothing else and no injuries. Once we figured out why the lights went out and that the car still worked we continued on our journey. Neither of us had the foresight to report it as it seemed very minor at the time, only being cosmetic damage. This was around a week or so ago so we took the car to a body shop and they recommended reporting it because the work is estimated at above $3000. I'd rather not pay that out of pocket or even split that when the deductible is only $500. My major concern is that it would be denied since we didn't call right away and there is no police report and contacting our insurance would raise our rates even if they don't pay for it. To be entirely honest I'm not even sure what highway we would've been on at the time just that it was while we passed through Pennsylvania.

Aug 22, 2016 Cleveland, OH

Neil Richardson

Aug 22, 2016

You should check your insurance policy to see if that vehicle has collision coverage. If it does, your insurance company is very unlikely to deny the claim simply based on these details. I would recommend contacting your company's claims department and they can direct you farther, but honestly, I wouldn't be overly concerned about a claim denial. Best of luck!

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