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I got into an accident in a no-fault state but I live in a fault state

How does this work? I rear-ended 2 cars on PA I-79. No one hurt. Can I still be sued in their no-fault state if I am from Ohio? I have insurance with enough to cover their property damage. And should be enough for any medical. Just want to know if they can sue for any thing else.

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Ava Lynch
Just to clarify, no-fault only refers to bodily injury – not property damage. If you no one was hurt, as you said, that would not be a factor here.
Anytime there is an accident, there is the potential to have legal action taken. In your case, it is unlikely that you will be sued since your limits should cover the damages. From your question, it sounds like you were driving in Pennsylvania. Your coverage in Ohio will still cover you in Pennsylvania and you shouldn’t have any issues with the different coverages that are required in that state versus your own. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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